Friday, May 23, 2014

High School Graduation!

Our first born has officially graduated from high school.  I really thought I would be a huge emotional mess but I actually held it together pretty well.  I was feeling somewhat sentimental but I didn't have the big boohoo meltdown I was expecting.  I am so proud of Michael and all that he has accomplished in his high school career.  I really enjoyed watching him walk on the football field with his best friends.  

There were 408 graduates from Waynesville High School this year.  70 of them have gone through their entire school years here in this district.  Obviously Michael is not one of them.  I believe that his moves during his youth will help him to adapt with the constant moving he will be doing while on his mission.  

Michael, your dad and I are so proud of you and the example you set for your brothers.  You have so much to offer the world, please remember that you are amazing and capable of so much.  Don't ever sell yourself short and reach for the starts, we love you!

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