Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Gift Card

A couple weeks ago we had our stake conference. I have to admit that often during stake conference, I am tempted to stay in bed and consider it a free week. That's a terrible way to think, I know, but nonetheless the thought did cross my mind. Well, I climbed out of bed and we did attend stake conference. How grateful am I that we did! We had some marvelous speakers. Each speaker kept my attention and I felt the spirit testify to me the truths of what each and every one of them were speaking.

One gentleman spoke of Gift Cards. He talked about how often gift cards are given during this holiday season. He then went on to read a letter from his father about his journey to the gospel. It was an inspiring letter.

Since that day I have often contemplated about his reference to a gift card. In my mind I think of a gift card, given to me by my Redeemer, my Savior, my Christ. When I close my eyes and envision the pretty green card with a red bow (yes, this is MY vision), I think of it signed to me and signed with love from Jesus.

The thing about this gift card is that we all have been given one and it truly has been signed by Jesus Himself. He has already paid for it and it is up to us when and how we redeem it. He gave it to us to redeem for Eternal Life. It's like any other gift card that we may receive, it is up to us on how we should "spend" it.

The most wonderful thing about this particular gift card is that it has no expiration date.

As we go through this holiday season and deal with the hustle and bustle, let us remember the Gift Card given to each and every one of us, and may we redeem it with love and desire for the greatest gift of all...Eternal Life.


Jason & Dorshan said...

AMEN! It was a great conference... and we too thought about giving someone else our cold hard folding chair of two hour torture. hahaha We went and loved the talks. They were all amazing. The spirit was there and everything was so heartfelt. Thanks for the blog. :) It was excellent.

Barton 6 said...

This is really beautiful Nadine...the thoughts and the graphic.