Sunday, May 18, 2014

Seminary Graduation

 For the past four years Michael has gotten up early to go to the church building for a 45 minute scripture class.  This requires much dedication.  If you consider late nights with the other activities he was involved in than you know it was true sacrifice.  When the tornado hit our neighborhood on NYE 2010, he missed a week of seminary and still continued to do the work at home.  He never made an excuse about not getting the work done.  It has been amazing to see seminary prepare him for his mission.  He is such an example to his brothers and the other youth around him. 

We are so grateful for the teachers who are called to serve in this special calling because it means getting up even earlier than their students and a minimum of an hour prep every day to be ready for the next day.  I can't even imagine! 

There were a total of eight graduates in our stake and only four were able to make it to graduation but even though our numbers were small, their testimonies were huge.  Each of the kids bore amazing testimonies and then Michael followed his with a piano solo.  I venture to say there was not a dry eye in the chapel because the Spirit was so strong.  I felt so blessed to hear his testimony both by word and through music.  I recorded the song he played, he said he was super nervous but I thought he did great.  My phone cut the very end off.

My last picture I want to share is of Michael with two amazing church leaders.  They have been a tremendous help to Michael as he struggled with a few things through his teenage years but they helped him to stay on track and keep himself worthy to go and serve the Lord for two years.  I am grateful for their friendship and their love for Michael, they are truly both men of God.

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