Monday, November 30, 2009

The Story of Us

*Note* This is Nadine's version of our love story, Kevin often says that some things are not the way she presents them, but since she seems to be the one who blogs, I guess this will be the story known from here on out. LOL

Lately, different conversations have come up as to how Kevin and I met. Mostly it's because there's a lot of love in the air and I've met a lot of people in relationships with Soldiers and I am always proud to announce that we have been married almost 14 years, proving that military marriages DO work.

I think it's fun to reflect and I laugh at some of the comments made, "what did you get married at 12?!" (personally love that one, haha) or "you married YOUR drill sergeant?!", uhm, no!

So let me just tell you "The Story of Us".

Kevin and I met in the Army (no, let me remind you he was NOT my drill sergeant, haha). We had both just arrived to Fort Campbell, KY, me coming from the Idaho Army National Guard and him PCSing (that's Army talk for moving) from Hawaii. We moved in right next to each other in the barracks (think Army dorm rooms) but didn't see each other right away as our unit was in the field when we both got there and we were both doing our own thing.

Our first encounter is one to remember. No folks, it wasn't love at first sight or any of that cheesy crap. No my first encounter with my future husband was at PT (physical training). After our formation, we were split up. Being that we were stationed at the home of Air Assault, those of us who were not qualified had to do special PT to prepare us to go to school. At that time, everyone went to Air Assault School. Kevin had been through Air Assault school in Hawaii (he says it's harder there, who am I to argue?) so he was tasked to be the special PT instructor. Having just got to my unit, not having been in formation yet and barely knowing anyone (because they were all in the field when I got to the unit, remember?), I had no idea what was going on. So as we all walked over to the area we were going to do PT and were waiting for further instruction, I simply asked my roommate Mildred (oh Mildred, we had good times), what we were doing. Not even five seconds later, I have some guy in my face telling me to "beat my face" (that's Army talk for do some pushups). I admit at this point of this entry, sometimes I talk before I think which is not always favorable in the Army, so I opened my mouth to explain why I was talking to which this very LOUD man says to me "I don't care what you are doing Martinez, this is not social hour, now push." So what could I do but beat my face.

I immediately began to form my opinion of this rude NCO who I felt was very out of line. Lo and behold, I finally realize this guy lives next to me. Now I must be tortured to see him daily, many times daily, ugh! We didn't work in the same section, so I was spared in that regard but I had to deal with him at least 3 times a week at these special PT sessions. Mildred and I both disliked him greatly, he was always yelling at us. Of course, now I realize that he was just pushing us to meet our potential (maybe..well, we'll go with that).

A few days after our initial meeting, I needed a wall locker and our First Sergeant told me that SGT Albrecht had extra's in his room. So with frustration, I knock on his door and tell him that I need a wall locker. He shoves a wall locker out of his room and tells me to get one of my boyfriends to help. (I did not have boyfriends, I had guys who were friends I had met while in-processing the post, all were married and they would check on me after I got to my unit, gotta love barracks gossip!) In the process of the shove, he breaks a fluorescent light bulb that was in the metal wall locker. He tells me he is not going to clean it up and I tell him that I am not going to either since he was the one who broke it. He was kind enough to clean it up (insert sarcasm). I had my mind made up about him, I thought he was full of himself. At that time he was friends with another guy named Kevin and that guy really was full of himself, so it didn't help with my impression of Kevin (the one I would eventually marry).

Kevin was also the barracks NCO so he would have to come and inspect our rooms. When he was inspecting my room one day, he noticed I had some dolphin stuff which led him into trying to talk to me about a painting he had bought in Hawaii before he left. He told me I'd have to check it out when his stuff got there. I rolled my eyes and thought whatever and wished he would hurry up and get out of my room.

I tried to limit my contact with him, I just didn't like him and according to another guy in our unit, Kevin thought I was pretty full of myself too.

One afternoon, when I got home from work, I walked past his room and his door was open and he was listening to some crazy techno music. His stuff had finally arrived from Hawaii. I went into my room quickly and shut the door. Not long after that I heard a knock on my door, it was him asking me if I wanted to see his picture. I hesitated and then he offered me a beer. I was 18 years old and not old enough to purchase on my own, so I said yes. (Disclaimer: we no longer drink, either of us..but we did at this time in our life, don't judge us, haha). I went over to his room and looked at his picture. It really is a beautiful picture. We started talking, decided to go out to dinner (Red Lobster, dutch). After that night, we spent a lot of time together, just hanging out, going to dinner. Somewhere along the journey our relationship transitioned from friends to something more.

We probably weren't the smartest people in the beginning of our relationship, I think we will both admit that. I found myself pregnant and both of us were shocked by that. We got married when I was 9 months pregnant, after I had to ask him to marry me because when I first found out I was pregnant, the last thing I wanted was for him to feel like he had to marry me so I told him NOT to ask me to marry him, so he didn't. When I was all crazy, hormonal and overwhelmed by bringing a baby into the world and possibly being without him, I confessed that I loved him and wanted to be with him forever. I told him that I'd like to marry him if he would like to marry me. He immediately said, of course I want to marry you but you TOLD me not to ask you! Oh how I love this man! We got married 3 days later. We had statistics stacked against us. We were dual military and had gotten pregnant before marriage. Both of us knew from the beginning though that we were meant for each other. We've had trials and joys, we've laugh and we've cried. We've dealt with numerous separations. We have beat the odds, we have been married almost 14 years, we have 3 beautiful boys and we have only eternity to go.

It's not the fairytale that many girls dream of..but like I've said before, who needs prince charming when you have camo and HOOAH?

That my friends, is the story of us!


Julie said...

Oh I have tears in my eyes after reading that :) I love hearing how people met and fell in love. I actually know quite a few women who met their husbands when they were in the military themselves :)

Allison said...

Love it!!

The "Dish" on the Dastrup's said...

I'm so glad you shared that! I can envision the whole thing...from baracks and push-ups to personalities and comments! We are so happy for you.

Jess said...

What a true romance story... Loved it!! THank you for sharing it.... and tho ot may not be prince charming and such... I think its pretty darn close!!! Keep up the good work you guys!!

*** THo I do want to know if he ever tries to tell you to "beat face" when he gets upset with you.. lol...

Amy said...

That is so funny you guys didn't like each other. When I very first saw Preston he looked at me like saying, eww yuck. lol I swear our stories are similar. I love reading about all your blogs and I hope I can follow your example in the kind of person that you are! You really are awesome!

HellcatBetty said...

I don't know why I didn't see this post before - I love it! So much fun to hear all the weird ways people meet the love of their lives. I'll have to share my story at some point. What a great story you have, and 14 years is certainly an inspiration!

WolfleyFamily said...

Love it!!!! I wonder why so many of us can't stand our spouses when we first meet them??? :))

Megan said...

I love your story! I thought my husband was an arrogant jerk when we first met too!