Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is Army Life...

Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's not. Sometimes there are happy tears and sometimes there as sad tears. Army life is a passionate life. You can experience a realm of emotions that you may not even be able to identify in mere seconds.

I have been to a few homecomings over the past couple weeks. Kevin will be one of the last to come home and yes, that makes me sad but I'm not angry or bitter about it. I know to some it may seem that way when I'm asked. Sometimes it's hard to get questioned again and again. If you're the fifth or sixth person to ask me, you maybe get a curt response but overall this is life.

The hurry up and wait game is typical of Army life. We wait, and yes I'm discouraged that Kevin may miss another one of Daniel's birthday. Explaining to kids is hard, that may be the hardest part of this journey. Yesterday while we were at the cemetery honoring our Veteran's and our Fallen Heroes, I talked to my boys about why it's so important what our Soldier does. We talked about why they have to sacrifice so many things in their life. We talked about how lucky they were to be the children of such an amazing father who sacrificed not only for them but so many in our country. And while there may be people out there who don't recognize their sacrifice, it's important for them to remember and understand why their daddy does what he does. He does it out of love, not only for them but for mankind as a whole. How many kids can say that about their daddy?

Today I watched as families were reunited with their Soldiers. My heart burst with pride and joy. I shed some tears as I saw them become a family again, whole...together. I am truly happy for them. Just because my husband wasn't one of them to walk across the field does not diminish my happiness for them. I am not disgruntled because it's not my turn yet. I don't walk around hating people because it's their moment and not mine. My time will come soon enough and even if dates keep changing, it's okay because he is coming home and I am blessed by that alone.

Two trash days or 52 trash days...I'm married to a Soldier and that makes everyday special, no matter whether we're together or apart.

This is Army life.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

GREAT post!! SO true! You're one of my heroes! :)

J.R. and Michelle said...

I love that you teach your boys the reasons behind things. The logic behind life, but you guys still have fun the whole way. You teach them balance. They will grow up with the tools to be balanced, whole individuals. Hope you get to see Kevin soon.

MyArmyLife said...

Love this post ... you are doing great!! Such a great mom and wife. Thanks for your sacrifice and for writing with such honesty and courage. I appreciate you!

Krystel said...

This post is so very true...especially the infamous hurry and wait!

MyMomfessions said...

Explaining it to the kids is definitely the hardest part...at least it was for us...love your blog!

Me said...

I am not an army wife so I can't fully appreciate what you go through. I am a LEO wife so in some minute way I can try to understand. Thank you for putting it our there for the rest of us to learn to appreciate.

On another note, I have a blog about Everyday Preparedness, yet to be launched, and I am working on an article for it. The article will address some of the struggles and hurdles that families experience while trying to follow counsel to have a supply of food on hand. This part of the article will focus on Military families and food storage, specifically. Do you have food storage, if so, how do you do it? Do you move around a lot, live on or off base? What are your space constraints etc. If you have time, yea right:) I would appreciate if you'd take a minute to contact me?

Andrea U.