Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

I've been thinking about today for a few days now. I wanted to write something great, something touching, something that would honor the day. When I think about what this day means, I'm humbled and choked up.

For me personally, what this day represents isn't just a once a year kind of feeling. I carry it with me quite often. I am privileged to be an Army wife. I live on an Army installation and I have the honor of being a part of the largest Army community in the free world. I have the opportunity to feel the pride and be a part of many customs that help to make the pride I feel grow.

I am often reminded of the sacrifice that our servicemen and women make when I drive on post. I pass memorials. I live on a street named after a Soldier who was killed in Iraq. It's amazing to me that on an installation this big the number of people who personally know someone who has been lost in war is very small. I consider it an honor and privilege that I have known some amazing men who have given their all. While I would change the circumstances in a heart beat, that is not a reality. What is a reality is that there are over 4300 families for whom Memorial Day is every day.

What we as Americans need to do is follow their example and remember the sacrifice daily. I took my boys to the Veteran's Cemetery to lay flags at the memorial walls that bear our friend's names. It's important to Kevin and I that we teach our boys the true cost of freedom. We want them to grow up knowing that freedom is a privilege paid for by those who volunteer to protect it.

God Bless Our Fallen Heroes and the sacrifices they made for my freedom.

God Bless my husband who is gone for yet another Memorial Day, giving of his time and service for our freedom.


Shamae said...

Well said Nadine. Your posts are always so heartfelt and often bring a tear to my eye. Thanks again for both you and Kevin. Our prayers are with you and your wonderful boys.

Michelle said...

Again...I am crying!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Another great post!!