Friday, November 08, 2013

High School Marching Band - Another Chapter Ends

 One of the highlights of Michael's high school journey has been his participation in the marching band.  He loves music.  His desire is to be a high school band director.  At the end of his junior year he tried out to be drum major and also to be on the impact team, which was a group of kids from each section that would help lead the band.  When he didn't make either one he was upset and frankly so was I.  In the end, it was a blessing, Michael excelled in his own right and was still a leader in many areas and mentored many people and continues to do.  Him and some other high schools have started a music mentor program with the middle school.

We went to every band competition and was so proud of our kids.  I guess I just don't understand the scoring system like I used to because we were constantly shocked at where our kids placed, especially at the last competition where we didn't even make the finals.  You know you are somewhat validated when people from other schools tell you that you were robbed.  The reality is that our band in some competitions rested on our laurels to slide through to the finals and when we didn't, it was a serious shock.  There were times when you could see on the kid's countenance that they knew they did an awesome job and later many tears were shed.  These moments are emotional.

I loved watching Michael, there is something to be said about having your child in the front ensemble where you can see him plain and clear.  I can tell by the way he moves his body and his facial expressions how he feels he is doing.  It's truly a joy to watch him become one with the music.  I know Michael is going to continue to do great things with his music.  It has been pure happiness watching him the last four years.

Michael during senior night waving to his fans.  Seriously, he had the loudest cheering section.  GO MICHAEL!!!

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