Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back on the Mat - Never Quit!

Happiness is watching your son do this:

After he dislocated his elbow back in April, we had no idea what his recovery was going to be.  His was told initially that his recovery would be 6 weeks or so.  He ended up going to occupational therapy for  almost 4 months!  It was a lot of grueling work as you can see in the pictures below (which I took to document for Kevin while he was in Korea).  I know in many of the pictures that some of the therapy looks simple but it was surprisingly hard.  I am so proud of how hard Neil worked and am so grateful for such an amazing occupational therapy team who worked so well with him.  They chastised him when he needed him and supported him always.  We were kind of sad when he "graduated" and was told he didn't have to go back.  Neil still likes to stop by and see them when we are at the hospital.  Some of the therapists want to come watch him when he wrestles at home.  Neil is back in the wrestling room working hard, he's still a bit behind but I think he has a great season ahead of him!

No more OT!

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