Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Daniel's 7th 'Grade Football Season!

Daniel had a great 7th grade season.  It started off a bit rocky when he was being a bit lazy and not turning in his homework.  After a meeting with all of his teachers, missing a couple games and the threat of being kicked off the team permanently, he straightened up and upped his grades and had a fabulous season.  He was a starter for most of the games.  I probably should have written this post when he was home because I am still a novice when it comes to football and all of the positions. 

I do know he ran the ball a few times which surprised me.  I'm pretty honest with myself when it comes to Daniel's abilities and running the ball just isn't one of them!  He can however, tackle with the best of them (thank you wrestling).  The team overall lost more than they won but I'm proud of Daniel's efforts.  He was a good team player and did his best.  Can't wait to watch him continue playing in the years to come. 

He's #18 in case you were wondering.
Daniel's big smile after an outstanding game and win over a team in Troy, MO.  

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