Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Homecoming Emotions & Memories

As I was sitting this morning writing in my journal, I started to replay yesterday.  It was a great day for the most part but I admit I had a few hours where I felt completely overwhelmed with emotion over something that could be considered silly.  I went to a dear friend's homecoming to take pictures and then got home and was so excited to go through them and get them uploaded for her when I opened my camera and saw that there was no SD card.  I was DEVASTATED, to say the least.  I cried, I was so heartbroken.  Thankfully Kevin had been with me and took some great video and I was still able to put together a video but I was still so upset. 

Later I finally sent a text to my friend to let her know what had happened and how sorry I was.  She was so forgiving (as I expected her to be even though I still felt horrible).

I started to analyze what made me so upset about this that it brought me to laying in my bed in tears.  It comes down to all the emotions tied into this lifestyle.  I wanted to capture a precious moment for them and didn't.  But as I reflected some more I thought back to yesterday morning as I arrived at the gym where the homecoming was held and remembered the flood of memories that hit me as I walked in the door.  I have pictures from the last few homecomings for our family but what I fail to remember is the memories that are etched forever in my heart.  They are still as clear as if yesterday was my own homecoming.  I remember the smiles, the tears, the feelings.  I remember it all and while it has been a blessing to come across a picture every now and again, I can pull up those memories whenever I want.  I hope the same can be true for my sweet friends.

And if not, at least we were able to get this short video for them.  I love you Lopez Family, thank you for allowing me to share in your special moments.

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