Sunday, October 06, 2013

Tiger Pride Marching Band at CMU

We had our first band competition of the season and I cannot even begin to talk about how proud I am of our kids! I'm also sad that this is Michael's last year...I am still completely in denial that he is a senior.

I know that our band was frustrated yesterday after their 3rd place finish in field. As I sat in the stands shocked at the results along with many others not even from Waynesville, I immediately felt such disappointment for our kids. As I have had a chance to ponder yesterday, I feel immense pride for these amazing youth. I think about all they have endured as they prepared for their first competition of the season.

Many of them have parents or family who have deployed or returned home from a deployment. They carry the constant worry of a loved one in harm's way or are dealing with the aftermath of constant separation. Many have moved into our school district or are preparing to move to another school due to a Military move. They dealt with a massive flood in our community that canceled a week of band camp and has resulted in a lot of shifting as they have had to move around practices, not to mention that many of these students were directly affected by the flood itself.

They endured intense heat during practice and a new turf field which hasn't completely settled yet. Add into that the government shutdown and the fact that many have that stress in their lives as they have parents/siblings/extended family members who were furloughed or who don't know when they may get paid and who do not know how this will affect their livelihood.

I am proud of the Waynesville High School Tiger Pride Band and how they give all they have no matter what is thrown at them!

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