Thursday, December 06, 2012

Instructor High

One of the things I love most about the volunteer work I do is the feeling I get when I've been involved in some good training.  I don't always get that feeling of success or empowerment but when I do, it's a wonderful thing.  I like to call it an instructor high.  You have adrenalin pumping through your body, you feel like you're floating, at times it's hard to focus.  For real, you feel almost like you are not even in your own body.  I often end up really hyper.  I LOVE that feeling.  It's possible I become extremely annoying to other fact, I'm almost sure of it.

Over the past few months I've had the opportunity to meet with one unit in particular and do some classes.  I LOVE this unit!  Seriously, they are so fun.  We have a great time.  In AFTB, most of our students are Army spouses and on occasion we have Soldiers trickle through or we get requests to go do briefings at different companies.  Not everyone is comfortable teaching can be intimidating at times.  In the past couple years, we have had some difficult groups that has made it hard for some of our instructors to click with Soldiers.  When we got our first request for this unit and I went and taught them a class, it was seriously a highlight of my week and a great reminder about why I love what I do.

I wish everyone had the opportunity to work with a group of Soldiers like I had yesterday.  They are amazing!  Everyone from the Commander, First Sergeant, Drill Sergeants and their Human Resource NCO and Supply NCO.  It was a great group!

We started off yesterday with a fun little exercise where I laid down a beach blanket/towel and asked them all to stand on it.  Then I told them they had to flip the towel over without having anyone step on the tile.  They thought I was crazy at first, but then they jumped into action and got the task done.  It was a great way to start the class and the energy carried through the next two sessions.  I'm excited I get to go back next Tuesday to do another series of I need to figure out what crazy exercise I want to do with them next, hmmmm.

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