Monday, December 17, 2012

Say Their Names

Just like most of America...most of the world even, I was shocked at what I saw happen in a small town in Connecticut on Friday.  My heart broke, my tears flowed and I wanted to hold my children just a little tighter.

It was so hard to discuss with my children why someone would take the innocent lives.  It was interesting reading the different reactions.  I haven't posted much about it.  I just want to remember and honor these lives the best way I know how.  In prayer, in remembering these beautiful people.  The babies...the adults who risked their lives.

I will not live in fear.  I know many were scared to send their kids to school this morning.  Everyone has responded in different ways in regards to faith and religion.  I just way to say I know who is in charge.  I know my Heavenly Father and my Savior do not want bad things to happen.  At times like this, it's hard to understand why bad things happen to good people.  People make choices and unfortunately others reap the consequences.  I am sad and heartbroken for the families who had to bid their loved ones goodbye way too soon.  I cannot even begin to image their pain.  I know what can heal but I know it can take time.
 I don't want to remember the name of the person who caused so much pain.  I want to remember those special spirits who were called home way too soon.  God Bless Sandy Hook and America as they begin to heal and move forward in this painful journey.  Say their names and remember them.

And remember to spend time with those who matter most.  We aren't promised tomorrow so let's make sure to take advantage of today.

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This was perfect.