Saturday, November 24, 2012


This was Neil's nickname given to his by his friends.  They said he was like a wall when he hit them, LOL

A couple years ago when Neil approached us and asked to play football, I never would have imagined there would be a day when I would be sad that the season was over.  But here I find myself sad that it is over.  For Neil, it actually ended earlier in the month but I never blogged about it (bad mommy).  His team did not have a stellar season, I don't even remember their season record but I do remember how they finished their last game...they smoked their opponents...54-0.  I actually felt bad for the other team.  But what a way to end their season!  Neil had a great game with some great tackles to include the last play of the game which was sacking the quarterback...the second sack in less than five minutes.  What a great way to end that game for Neil...I may have cheered louder than anyone else in the stadium.
Neil sacking the quarterback!

Neil got selected to play with the junior varsity team but unfortunately communication leaves a lot to be desired among our coaching staff so Neil didn't actually find out until the day after the other freshman got their jerseys.  It was frustrating to say the least and Neil is stubborn like his mother and said even after he found out that if the coaching staff didn't respect him enough to tell him or contact him (hello they have all the kids phone numbers) then he wasn't going to go beg to be on the team.  I would be lying if I didn't admit I was someone sad that he wasn't on the sidelines for the varsity game with his friends, but at the same time I couldn't be prouder of him standing up for himself.  He knows his worth and for that I am pleased.  I look forward to next it's time for wrestling!

Neil wanted to give cupcakes to his teammates after the game.  One of our friends made these awesome bites of deliciousness.  Aren't they cool?  The boys loved them!

Neil - #40 - Linebacker/Tight-End

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