Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why is the Football Team on Our Field?

Michael's Marching Band season seemed extremely short this year.  They played at every home game but only had three marching band competitions.  He played in the PIT again this year and enjoyed it.  He really wants to play the mallets next year so he is already practicing.  This year he played the different auxiliary instruments like the triangle, gong and other things I don't know the names of.  He just moves a lot during each performance. 

I love all the marching band kids, they have so much fun together and a pretty tight-knit group.  They own their band nerd status and I love that about them.

For parades and stuff, Michael plays the flute (that he taught himself how to play) so he can march with the rest of the band, I admire that about him.  He really wants to pursue music in college and is doing everything he can to be as prepared as possible.

The band did okay this season at competitions.  They placed first at one, second at the other and at the largest one they didn't place at all.  According to Michael, some of our kids still have some growing up to do and may have cost them points in some areas.  Overall he is happy with his marching band season and is now doing concert band and back on the bassoon.  

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