Monday, September 10, 2012

Serving Our Friends with Love

Today Neil called me and asked if I could bring him some food before his football game.  I asked him what he wanted and he replied..."we just want sandwiches."  I asked him who "we" was and he replied with the name of a friend and said that his family wouldn't be able to bring him food and so Neil told him that his mom wouldn't mind.  When I dropped the food off, I love that his friend yelled to me "Thank you, I love you!".  His words probably meant more to me than the food meant to him.  It wasn't hard, I simply packed up some sandwiches, chips and pumpkin cookies.  That's all it took to make someone else feel loved, how wonderful and simple!

Last week in our Sunday school class we were talking about something that sparked a comment from me about how I believe our kids learn to be charitable when we agree to do simple things like give their friends a ride home, bring extra snacks and food to share and other simple things like that.  It also allows our children to think about serving others comfortably.  I love that my kids want to help their friends and that they feel comfortable asking me to serve them too.  Kevin and I want the boys to know that we want to take care of them and their friends.  It truly takes a village. 

After the game, Neil was climbing in the car when he asked if we could give another friend of his a ride home.  I smiled as I said yes.

I love this picture of one of Neil's friends helping him during the game when he had a nose bleed that would not stop.  Not only do my boys serve their friends, but their friends serve them.
I want our boys to learn to serve others and I am grateful for these small moments when I get to glimpse the men they are becoming.

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This is wonderful! :)