Thursday, August 02, 2012

Michael's an Eagle Scout!

I cannot begin to express how proud I am of Michael for earning and receiving his Eagle Scout.  After a lot of rushing around and trying to make sure all his paperwork was straight, we got all the signatures we needed and were able to do his ceremony before Kevin flew out to Korea.  (Moving so much makes things a little crazy as far as paperwork is concerned, my little PSA...keep copies of EVERYTHING!)

After a couple stressful days and the help of a lot of really awesome people in our lives, we were able to put together a simple, yet wonderful ceremony for Michael.  There were a lot of tears, that's for sure.  With Kevin leaving so soon emotions are running real high.

Scouting is a big part of our lives, we know that all the things the boys learn and the experiences they have will help them in their future.  I truly believe that Michael is who he is because of the standards and values that he has learned through Boy Scouts.

 The awesome cake a friend of mine made in VERY short notice.  She's amazing!

 Scout Oath
 This Eagle Award is very special.  Kevin's brother Mike passed away when Kevin was 13 years old (Mike was 21).  When I was pregnant with Michael we didn't know until just a few days before he was born what we were going to name him.  Kevin asked me if we could name him Michael after his brother, I thought it was perfect.  I found out a few hours later that I was going to be induced and when we called to let his mom know, she told us that March 25th was Mike's birthday too.  (Kevin knew that, he had just forgotten!).  We thought that it was meant to be then that Michael was to be named after Kevin's brother.  Kevin thought it would be special to give Michael this Eagle Scout Award.  It made for a very emotional moment.


 Michael is telling Kevin that he wants to present him with his mentor pin.  In Michael's words..."Even though you weren't there for the first part of my Scouting life, you have been there for the second  part.  I want to give you my mentor pin because of all the support you have given me and the other boys." 
Mom's note:  Due to Army life such as Drill Sergeant duty and deployments Kevin wasn't able to participate, not because he didn't want to.
 Yes I'm crying...he's my baby!


 This pictures make me laugh...Michael is so skinny!  Eat more cake Michael!

 Michael's Eagle Award.  Another interesting side note...that is Kevin's Life Rank from when he was a Boy Scout!

 Good job Michael, what a wonderful example you are to all of us! 

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Bethany said...

Awww! I love this. I was definitely teary-eyed by the end! Congratulations, Michael :)