Monday, June 25, 2012

CBRN Princess

After a long week in the woods doing Girls Camp, it was nice to finish out the week going to a ball.  Our theme for Girls Camp was something to do with Happily Ever After.  Throughout the entire week, we kept reminding the girls that they were Princess in our Heavenly Father's Kingdom.  So how fitting was it that I end the week dressing up and being escorted to a ball by my Sexy Soldier!  (Who needs a prince when you have a man in uniform?)

The ball is the annual Green Dragon Ball that is kicking off the Chemical Corps Regimental Week.  We went last year and had a blast.  We got to sit at a table with nice people, not crazy people like we did last year.  One of the Soldiers at our table actually worked with Kevin before she was reassigned to an AIT unit as an AIT platoon sergeant.

What was really cool about the evening for me personally was when my name was called to receive the Carol Ann Watson Award.  I am truly honored.  What is interesting is that I am known relatively well around FLW but I guess few know that we are a Chemical Family.  Most people also know what unit my husband is assigned to and it is not part of the big Chemical Brigade here at FLW.  It's unfortunate that we have not been able to get more Chem Spouses or Soldiers from our brigade to be involved in the CBRN community here.  Because of that, I often get treated as though I don't belong.  Not by the CBRN leadership, they are all wonderful and I feel truly blessed to have gotten to know them but by others who just don't know.  At the ball alone, I was asked seven times why we were at the ball.  I admit that sometimes it irritates me but I chose that evening to just laugh it off.  For a couple of young lieutenants, I did say with a smile that my husband has been in the Chemical Regiment longer than they had been alive (23 years and counting...).

Overall it was a wonderful night.  I feel truly blessed to have received my award from Mrs. Carol Ann Watson herself.  Last year I had the opportunity to listen to her speak at a rather intimate luncheon and have just had such respect for her.

I really do love my life as an Army Spouse and even more so as a Chemical Corps Spouse.

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