Monday, June 25, 2012

Camp Craftiness

I am not normally a crafty person.  I realized long ago that I just don't have patience to sit still long enough to do things like painting and gluing.  And because I don't have the patience for that, I don't really have the skill either.  Well as I mentioned in a previous entry, I went to Girls Camp last week.  I really wanted to do a mail center for the girls and leave them cute little gifts each day.  I may have been a bit overzealous.  I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest and then created others on my own.  I am lucky that I have a husband who really supports me, even when I get myself involved in super crazy plans that I cannot fulfill on my own.  Did you know my husband is handy with a glue gun and some needle and thread?  Here are some pictures of my creations and a few of my husband's labor of love!

Kevin gluing fabric on a #10 can...doesn't he look manly with the pink glue gun?

No clue what Daniel is doing here but there is Kevin teaching him bad habits by playing with the glue gun and an empty soda bottle.  Don't try this at home kids!

Our finished mailbox, isn't it pretty?

Necklaces I made for our girls to give them at the end of the week.  They are made out of scrabble tiles.

My prayer rocks that I didn't even hand out.  One of our night devotionals was supposed to be on prayer.  It was the night of the lanterns and we just let the girls go back to our site and relax. 

Journals I gave the girls to help record their thoughts and memories from camp.

The cool pens that sparked my idea to make gifts for the girls.  I was very ambitious when I decided I wanted to do these.  I do not all.  I had the hardest time doing the pom poms with a running stitch (yes, I'm that special).  Thankfully my husband loves me and sewed all these tops for me.  My oldest son Michael helped me wrap the fabric around the pen.  I think they came out nice!

I really wanted to do something with a compass and found this awesome quote.

I saw these cute cars and immediately knew I wanted to do something with them.  I'm so glad I found this perfect quote.

Another handout I didn't get around to giving out.  I saw these mints and thought how fun.  I'm sure I'll find something to do with them.

One of my favorite verses and songs ever.  Too bad I came home with all of these too!

Who doesn't need to pause for a Mo"mint" to remember to be grateful?

I saw these cute fruit chews on Oriental Trading and knew immediately I wanted to tie them into our Happily Ever After theme.  I knew the quote was a stretch and I'm still not sure everyone got the connection but I still liked it!

Whistles were on our packing list so I thought this would be a fun way to make sure each girl had a whistle.

I found this cute handout online and added the princess bracelet.  I gave it to the girls the first day of camp as a reminder to them.
I really had a great time making these gifts and hope the girls enjoyed them too!


Gretchen said...

These turned out fabulous!! :) Super cute ideas!

Gretchen said...

These turned out fabulous! Super cute idea!