Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green Dragon Mama

As I mentioned in my previous post, this week is Chemical Regimental Week. The entire week is set up for CBRN Soldiers and their families. They had a golf tournament, a run (well that was cancelled since it was pouring down rain), they will have a sunrise service to honor the Fallen CBRN Soldiers, tons of exhibits and many other events. They have events just for the Chem Spouses as well. Today we had a luncheon where our guest of honor was Mrs. Carol Ann Watson. Her husband is a retired Major General who served for 35 years, all of which was spent as a Chemical Corps Officer except for two years when he did his combat branch time. Mrs. Watson shared with us that she married him two days before he went in the Army so she served right along side him during his entire career. Her husband started the Chemical Corps Regimental Association and she has an award named in honor of her. She was introduced to us as the mother of the Chemical Corps (and she joked that she was glad that they didn't say Grandmother, I just loved her humor!)

I really enjoyed listening to her speak and listening to her words of wisdom. There were many things that she shared with us but what really stood out to me was when she said "we" served. I love that because that is how I feel with Kevin. "WE" serve together, he does his part and I do mine. Our journey in Army life is a joint effort, we may have different responsibilities but we travel together.

She also had us chuckling about some mishaps and moments of where maybe she shouldn't have said this or that. I loved it because everyone in the room could relate to having some of those moments. It was really an intimate setting, there was maybe 20 of us in the room so it was really fun. We all could have probably listened to her all day long. She was just fun.

What I loved most was that she was so approachable and was a reminder that no matter what rank any of our husbands are that we are all human. I feel that it truly a pleasure and honor to get advice from such a wonderful example. She is 75 years old and still going strong.

As an added bonus, I figured out that her son is stationed here at FLW and her daughter-in-law is another AFTB instructor who I really respect. I might be the only person on FLW who didn't put two and two together. I had a good chuckle to myself about that!

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