Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chem Spouse Day 2012

Yes, I am seriously playing catch up on the blog.  Life has been a little crazy around the Albrecht home.  June and July were crazy busy and it's not even over yet!  Before we left on vacation to Idaho I got to participate in CBRN Regimental Week.  I wrote about the ball but the following week I got to spend a couple days hanging out with other Chemical Corps Spouses.  It was pretty awesome.

The first day we took a tour of the museum (which I normally love but we had a tour guide who seriously pegged out my perky meter).  Still it was neat to go and see the stuff and we even got a special look at the basement where few people get to go.  After the museum tour we went to a luncheon where we had delicious food and where I ended up at the table with half of the past Chemical Commandant Spouses.  What was cool was we had six Commandant Spouses in attendance and it was fun listening to how different the Army was during their time of serving, whether it was current or in years past. 

Five past and our current Chemical Commandant Spouses.
The day after the museum tour and luncheon we went and had a hands-on kind of day.  Our Chemical Gift Shop had ordered a ton of "Real Housewives of the Chemical Corps" t-shirts and a lot of us wore them, it was pretty fun.  What was also fun was just hanging out with other Chem Spouses and seeing some of what our Soldiers do in their job.  We couldn't take pictures everywhere we went because some of those areas are pretty secure. 
Showing our Chemical Corps Gang Sign...the retorts, lol

This could be scary if I let it be
 After the tour of the secure area, we ventured off to put on one of the suits that our guys train in.  I never liked NBC training when I was in the Army, I always felt slightly claustrophobic in the mask and MOPP gear.  I had a slight inner struggle with myself when it came to being willing to climb into all the gear but I figured I wouldn't get this opportunity again so I went ahead and did it.  It was fun and super hot!  It certainly gave me a whole new appreciation for what my husband has endured throughout his career.  He has spent many a day in these suits and for much longer than I did.

One of my favorite people ever, Ann Wells, our post Command Sergeant Major's wife who joined us for the day.

I really am proud of my husband and the job he does.  Some of the things they shared with us about what our Soldiers go through was rather intimidating.  I have always respected my husband for what he is willing to do, but now I have a better understanding of what he goes through and has gone through over the 23 years he has been a Chemical Soldier. 

I love all the opportunities that I have been afforded when it comes to being an Army wife.

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Paula said...

Love these photos! I don't know if I told you, but my husband has two chem battalions here in his brigade and we have enjoyed learning about this branch so much. He particularly likes going to "Play" with their toys. I see my friend Deb in some photos... she was my neighbor in Newport last year and has mailed me one of you "Real Housewives" Shirts. LOVE it. It's a small Army, huh?