Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Random Photos! SMILE!

I was going through posts that were sitting in draft and came across this one and it made me chuckle...these are quite random pictures! I have no idea where I was going with this particular post but I'm going to post these pictures anyway.

This first picture is of me in the tutu I had planned on wearing to the Green Dragon Ball (Chemical Corps Ball) last year.  What I envisioned and what I looked like in it were two completely different things so I ended up wearing a different dress.  I did however have a bit of fun with the tutu.  This was me being silly in the house before going to the ball.  

 The crazy puddle that forms in front of our front door every single time it rains.  You practically need a canoe to get across it!

Kevin and I babysit these two cute boys for a friend of ours last year sometime (it may have been even longer, who knows).  I took this picture because I remember watching Kevin and these two cuties and it took me back to Korea when we would dress Michael and Neil in their footie pajamas.  It made my heart ache to think how fast my boys were growing up. 
I think I got this picture off Kevin's phone. It was him in the white suit running the Gas Chamber for his unit. He enjoys that job a little too much if you ask me!
This is the former Commanding General of FLW and me in the cow costume. I was helping some friends promote their reading event. This picture cracks me up because I think I was the shortest cow ever, you can't even see my legs. It was a lot of fun and many times do you see a cow and a general hanging out?

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