Wednesday, May 09, 2012


This past weekend, Michael went through his Order of the Arrow Ordeal.  We are so proud of him.  He was tapped out a couple times throughout the past couple years and due to scheduling conflicts was unable to get his Ordeal done.  He finally put everything else aside so he could do his Ordeal.  He says he had a good time and enjoyed doing the service project.  He went with two other boys from our Troop, I am proud of all three boys.  Our Boy Scout Troop is affiliated with our church and is small in comparison to other Troops in our district.  One of the men who has been in our area for quite a while says he can't really remember the last time anyone from our Troop attended the Order of the Arrow Ordeal so this is a really big step for our boys. 

What I love most about Michael is that at 16 he is still very active in Scouting.  Many kids start to drift away from Scouting when they start high school.  Michael has made a personal commitment to Scouting.  He is getting ready to turn in his packet for Eagle Scout and was recently nominated as Senior Patrol Leader for his Troop.  Lots of kids tell me in board of reviews that he is the Scout they look up to as they progress through the ranks themselves. 

Great job Michael, keep up the good work, you are inspiration to us all!

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Paula said...

Awesome! This is something he will be proud of for the rest of his life. I was at a party last weekend and heard two men talking about their Eagle Scout accoomplishments. One was a full Colonel, the other a two star General. Hooah!