Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day Videos...Need a Laugh?

Today was a snow day and I took so many pictures (so many they are still loading...darn stupid slow computer!) but we also captured a few videos.

I seriously have no shame which is why I am posting this first video. Kevin told me he wasn't video taping but I knew he was lying. Kevin and I are obviously not the smartest people, we were sledding in our back yard which ends in a tree line. I'm not sure what we were thinking (probably that we would both stop before we got to the trees). Well as you can see from my video, that didn't happen, I flipped when the tube hit a patch of roots and let me tell you, my back is not too happy! I have to admit it is super funny and I won't blame you if you laugh, I did and as you will see so did Kevin...a lot.

This second video is of Kevin, he went down much faster and you can hear him scream at the end when he ran into a nice stump (remember, I said we weren't the smartest people, lol). You can hear me trying not to laugh but to be honest it was funny.

The next two videos are of the boys playing in the snow. They kept trying to wrestle each other, poor Michael is at a disadvantage I think (although he got a few good licks in). Daniel managed to mainly make Neil mad and they all ended up wet.

Overall a good snow day...I'll be posting another entry full of all our activities and pictures...I know, I know, you can't wait!

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