Monday, February 13, 2012

Featured MilSpouse Blogger: Forget the Dog Not the Baby

I am going to start a new feature on my blog to bring awareness throughout our Military Spouse Blogging community. Once a week I will feature another Military Spouses Blog and I hope you'll go and visit them.

I have actually been reading Kristle's blog for a while (not sure she knows that...I might be a blog stalker, haha). What I enjoy about Kristle is that she is honest and funny. I hope you'll stop by and visit her blog.

Once Upon a Time there was a Soldier, and his Princess. They had plans to live Happily Ever After, until one day the Soldier was called to war. The Princess waited day and night for his return, and when the day finally arrived, she had no idea what was in store for her. Turns out the Big Bad TBI Monster had put a spell on the Soldier, and destined him to a lifetime of cognitive impairments. Follow the Princess and her Soldier as they show The Big Bad TBI Monster that he will NEVER win!

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