Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scout Sunday 2012

Every year near the Boy Scouts of America's birthday, they encourage Scouts to wear their uniforms to their church services. I love Scout Sunday...okay I love Scouts (that's not a secret is it?)

Kevin and I both spoke in church this morning about Scouts. I think both talks went well, its a subject we are both passionate about.

I loved as we were all getting ready this morning, the boys were so excited to wear their uniforms. Neil isn't wearing his sash because I didn't inspect his stuff and realized I had forgotten to fix his sash which is ripped on the seam. He still looks sharp though.

It was awesome to look around and see our young men and boys wearing their Scout uniforms.

I love the picture...the only thing that would have made it better is if Neil and Daniel weren't into the belief that smiling in pictures is a bad thing!

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Manda said...

Love the photo! (I'm @littlemanda on twitter.)