Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blessed with Great Military Spouse Mentors

I have said it before and I will say it again...Fort Leonard Wood, I believe, is one of the best kept secrets in the Army. We have now been stationed here for over two years and almost daily I find reasons to love this place more and more. One of the key reasons I believe this is a great place is because we have great leaders. From our Commanding General on down, our leadership is involved. Their Spouses are involved. I have been truly blessed personally to have been able to talk to so many Senior Spouses and learn from their guidance and mentorship. These are some of the most real people you will ever meet. They are humble, kind, gracious and willing. Willing to serve, willing to help, willing to step in where needed. I feel blessed to be able to count some as friends.

One of the people I respect most here at Fort Leonard Wood is the wife of our Command Sergeant Major. I have been able to go to her as a mentor, to seek her advice and to trust her guidance and judgment. It has truly been a blessing.

Today she was on platform with the First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden as they talked about helping Military Spouses transfer professional licenses across states more easily. She is such a wonderful example of a Military Spouse, having supported her husband through 32 years of this life. (Her husband is really awesome too!) She has a daughter who is also an Army wife, how lucky she is to have had such a wonderful role model.

We truly are blessed here at FLW to be in the company of such great and caring leaders, both in uniform and those who serve along with them.

Mrs. Wells, you can speak on behalf of this Military Spouse anytime!

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