Friday, February 24, 2012


This picture was actually taken a few years ago when I was at my kid's chess tournament. I always had so much anxiety when my kids were in the finals. That is how I am feeling today, it's really quite insane. This weekend my three kids are going to be in different places. Neil and Kevin are on their way to Kansas City for a National Wrestling Tournament (the biggest of his wrestling career so far). That alone is anxiety worthy, but no...Michael is on his way to the other side of the state for a debate tournament. Tomorrow Daniel and I will head about an hour away for a wrestling tournament. I have anxiety for different reasons. One is that we are all in different places, I like being together as a family. Another is for Neil. I know he will do the best he can, I just want him to be successful. Most of the kids he will be wrestling have years of experience on him. I know it's silly but I worry about him and his emotional well-being. I won't be there to watch him. Kevin is a great support system and I know they will be fine, I just hate waiting. Then I worry about which coach will be there for Daniel tomorrow since Kevin is with Neil. Will he have someone who knows him or just someone filling the spot. This will only be the second time Daniel has wrestled with someone else coaching him, will he feel the void?

Michael fortunately is fine on his own and I have no real worries about him. I simply carry Mommy guilt that I'm not there to watch him.

I went and got my hair done hoping it would relax me a bit, it did...for a while. I am going to help out with our USO Game Night and I will forget about myself for a few hours...

Is it Sunday yet?

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