Sunday, February 26, 2012

We Survived the Weekend!

If you recall my Anxiety post, I was pretty strung out about this weekend, but here we are Sunday evening and we survived! It was a great weekend! Once Kevin and Neil hit the road, I headed out to get my hair done. There is nothing more relaxing than having someone else wash your hair, seriously!

I stayed pretty nervous, but went and helped out at our USO Game Night to keep me busy. Once both boys made weight, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Saturday, Daniel and I got up early and headed to his tournament. I got no signal in the school we were at so I was relying on a friend's phone for updates on Neil. Not getting signal actually made it better for me because I had no control over the information.

Daniel had a pretty good day on the mat, he finished 2nd. He could have beat the kid he lost to but there was a lot of craziness right before his match. I know, excuses, excuses. He'll meet that kid again I'm sure at districts, regionals and likely state. I believe he can beat the kid. He was happy with how he finished and I am so grateful for great coaches on our team who were there to help him out with Kevin gone.

I was really nervous about Neil and his matches, this was such a huge tournament. Sometimes Neil defeats himself mentally which doesn't help him on the mat so I was concerned about that. One of his friends who moved away last year came in for this tournament (it was a National tournament, so you had kids from all over). I think having Antonio there helped Neil a lot. Antonio is just a really great kid, so humble and always helpful. Antonio is a National champion, he helped out Neil a lot last year. He has wrestled most of the kids that Neil had to wrestle and it really boosted Neil's confidence when Antonio shared that the kids had beat him. Neil wrestled kids that had years of experience on him.

Neil ended up finishing 6th and attained All-American status! What a great way to finish his first National Tournament EVER! I think it will give him the boost of confidence he needs going into districts and beyond. Neil had a great time with the other boys and we are so proud of him.

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