Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tears & Wrestling??

Sorry to all my friends who don't care about wrestling for yet another wrestling post. Wrestling is a big part of our life right now, that's just the reality so there will be wrestling posts.

Sometimes there are tears in wrestling...actually a lot of times there are tears in wrestling.

Yesterday was another wrestling tournament kind of day. We headed out bright and early to Willard. It was a well run tournament, but it had the older and younger kids split up which makes things a little hard sometimes for our family because we have kids in each division. Add to that the fact that Kevin is now coaching and so we have to work hard to keep him on track with the boys matches (that is the priority you know!).

Yesterday Daniel wrestled 4 matches, he won two and lost two. He fought hard and lost by points which is better than losing by pin but still hard nonetheless. Daniel puts so much into his wrestling that when he loses he ALWAYS breaks down, it's so emotional for him. It really breaks my heart. It's interesting to see how different kids react. Some who give up really easy never cry and many who fight so hard cry all the time. The same is for the parents. While they might not cry, it can be emotional for them as well. I was sitting waiting for one of Daniel's matches to start when a dad and son sat next me. The boy had to be around 5 or 6 and his dad was just going off on the kid about how the other kid whooped him. Then he showed him his match on his phone and and was telling him all the things he did wrong and not in a constructive way. It made me sad.

I will admit that sometimes we know our kids don't do their best we do talk to them but try never to degrade them. Ultimately it's on them and we don't try to make it about us.

So yes, wrestling can be emotional...I mean people can hear my husband being all emotional with his LOUDNESS during the boys matches.

The boys did so well yesterday, we are proud of their efforts. Neil placed second after winning his first two matches and then losing to one of his teammates and good friends in the championship match. It was a good match, at some point they will learn to leave friendship off the match. Daniel finished 5th after winning two and losing two. He won both his matches by pin and lost the other two by points. One of his pins ended up being the fastest pin in his Division...19 seconds! He won a free t-shirt. He was so proud.

Overall a good day, our team overall did well.

Here are the boys matches, in order of how they went down.

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