Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday Neil!

Note* Neil was born in Korea, 14 years ago. And since it's already the 31st in Korea, I want to go ahead and wish my handsome boy a Happy Birthday!! (and in Korea, he would be considered 15 because they celebrate their "1st" birthday the day they are born!)

I cannot believe another year has gone by and my kids continue to get older. I love watching them progress and yet it makes my heart ache to see time moving so fast. I love my boys and I wish they would stay little boys, yet I also love watching them grow into these amazing young men!

Oh my sweet Neil, how can I ever tell you how much I love you. From the day I met you and held you in my arms, I wondered who you would be and what you would be like. You always looked up to Michael and wanted to do everything he was doing. You didn't start talking until you were almost 4, making me sad because I didn't know what was going on in your little mind. You always had the sweetest little smile, a bit crooked and I often wondered what it meant. You were so content to play by yourself and didn't require too much attention.

You were never overly affectionate and you still aren't. I will never forget the day you laid your sweet little head on my shoulder when you were 9 years old and whispered in my ear..."I love you."

I know now that you do love daddy and me, you just don't always know how to express it. I am amazed at how much you have grown spiritually and physically over the past year. The way you are now a true friend to others, the way you can now connect socially. I finally feel like we know who you are and what you are all about. Everyday that I look at you, I feel so blessed to be your mother. I love your still crooked smile. I love your laugh and I love your smirk.

I love you Neil, these past 14 years have been challenging at times yet so rewarding.

Daddy and I are so blessed to call you our son, we love you...always and forever!

You may grow taller and bigger than me, but you will always be my little boy...always!

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