Thursday, December 15, 2011

She Said What?!?

I try really hard not to post controversial topics on my blog. I have my own thoughts, I do my own research and frankly I don't need to justify them to anyone. I find it interesting that there are so many people who cannot "agree to disagree". I can listen to someone's perspective and try and see where they are coming from. I don't always understand in the end but I can respect their positions and move forward.

Over the past couple days I have read comments or articles that other Military Spouses have written and have been shocked at what they have had to say. One was a comment in regards to the current Dover controversy. As the story was shared all over facebook, I read various comments and I stumbled across one on a friend's page where a girl basically said...what's the big deal? She didn't understand why the families cared because they left the responsibility of taking care of the remains of our Fallen Heroes up to the government. It just shocked me that she would not think it was repulsive that the government lied to our Gold Star Families and then threw away their loved ones away like yesterday's newspaper. I had drafted a response and then decided I didn't want to deal with the drama. I simply pray that she never has to experience what so many of my friends have had to deal with. The worry and guilt of wondering if they made the right decision in regards to trying to honor their fallen loved ones.

The second thing that sparked emotion in me was in regards to an article written by a Military Spouse in regards to the Iraq War. It has been pretty controversial today among Iraq War Veterans and many Military Spouses. I have read it and reread it and it still rubs me the wrong way. She and others have accused those who disagree with her words as not reading it right or not reading past the title. While I do understand that the written word can be terribly misconstrued, my thoughts are if I don't I agree, I don't agree. I take it personal when a MilSpouse tries to speak on my behalf. I found some of her comments contradictory and blasphemous to our Iraq Veterans and Fallen Heroes. It is personal and while I think she had the best of intentions, sadly it didn't convey that way in written word on the news site.

I don't need to be hateful and I don't need to go and write mean things to defend my position, but I do think we owe it to one another to at least respect where the others are coming from.

I disagree with both these spouses, I am not wrong for that, just as they aren't wrong for defending their own positions. I just couldn't let it go, I had to write it out. Agree or disagree, it's okay, in the end that is what our loved ones fight for every day they wear the uniform.

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