Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Heart of a Champion!

Yup, two wrestling posts in one week...I'm a proud mama, what can I say!

Last night our Tiger wrestling team clinched another win having them go undefeated for another season! Neil had two matches last night and he did great. He won his first match by points and lost his second match. The kid he wrestled the second time is considered one of the best in our area. Neil knew he was going to be tough to beat. Neil lost by a couple points but dominated most of the match. He certainly held his own and even kept him to less points than the boy on our team who is considered the best. I know Neil was proud of his effort because he left that mat with a HUGE smile on his face. I seriously thought my heart was going to burst. Everyone was cheering for Neil, it made me so proud. At the end of the match, the kids shook hands like they are supposed to and they hugged (wish I had a photo of it!). That kid is #1 in my book as far as sportsmanship. If you compared Neil and that kid, Neil weighs about 10-12 lbs less than him, there is 10 years to 2 years (Neil) of experience and the kid has medaled at state in club wrestling like 6 times. so you can see why Neil was proud of his match.

I have really enjoyed this wrestling season and watching these boys grow as individuals and as a team. Neil was looked at as a leader and mentored some of these new boys throughout the season. I look forward to our club wrestling season!

Below are his matches!

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USMCWIFE said...

You should be proud. Our kids accomplishments are our own!! You have amazing boys!