Friday, October 07, 2011

D's Football Journey

Daniel's season for football is almost over and I wish I could say it has been a wonderful experience. Unfortunately we have all been a bit frustrated with the way the league works. According to the the League's Mission Statement:
To provide the youth of Waynesville and surrounding areas the opportunity to play in an organization that provides an effective leadership role in the form of teaching youth football skills, teamwork, commitment, sportsmanship, and love of the game.

I guess we missed the fine print where it said "coaches kids get to play more than anyone else's".

We all pay the same amount of money to be a part of this league however, many boys get the shaft when it comes to actually playing. One of our coaches kids is the quarterback and plays on the defense, so he pretty much plays the entire game. Daniel has been lucky if he has been able to play five plays in a game for most of our games.

According to the league bylaws - : All players shall be given the opportunity to get a minimum of 10 plays in, during a game from the line of scrimmage. I believe our coaches must have forgotten that little rule.

Daniel isn't the best player and he knows that but how is he supposed to get better when he isn't given the chance to learn and grow? It is so frustrating for him because he sees the clear favoritism that is displayed.

We try to be as supportive as we can and we don't talk about this stuff in front of him but he's a smart kid and brings it up himself. The last game he did go in a little more but it is still frustrating to see the same kids go in again and again even after seeing them crying because they are hurt.

I know he'll want to play again next year and I personally don't want to waste our time and money but all I can do is pray that it will be a better experience. I know the coaches know we aren't happy, I would hope they will try to fix it and do the right thing. With only one game, I doubt that will happen.

Oh and my last complaint, both of the main coaches dip, right in front of the kids. Not only is it NASTY, I think it sets a poor example for this young kids.

Ugh, yes I'm a girl and a mama and maybe this is football but I don't have to like it!

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USMCWIFE said...

First of all...what kind of coach risk his quarterback putting them on defense ;( not smart coaching. That is too bad but a story you hear all too often. Im sure your son learned some valuable lessons this season...and he will be fine because he has you and your hubs to see him through it.