Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Activities!

It's FALL and I love it! But it means a busy time for us in the Albrecht Squad. We are full of activity here. Two of the boys have football and of course their practices either happen at the same time or at way different times! Our oldest is in the Marching band and he has practice either at the same time or way different times. I feel bad for all of them because they can have long days and nights and then turn around and do it again. They are all loving life though, they are happy doing what they want. All of the boys are doing so well and really gaining some great experience in their areas. I love how they all want to support one another. The two younger boys LOVE pointing out that their big brother is in the Marching Band...really, I dare you to say something smart about the band around them! I also love how each of the boys wants to be at all the other kid's games. It is hard because Daniel has practice the same day that Michael has marching band practice and Neil has a game. I hate being split apart but we want to support everyone so as parents we have to split. October will be interesting since the husband has an exercise he will be participating in at another installation. That means I get to figure out where to be and when. It will all work out, thankfully we have great friends who will be there to cheer on our kids when we aren't able to for whatever reason.

Here are some pics of our kids. I'm excited to make them into to buttons so I can be "that" crazy mama!

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Melissa said...

You're an awesome mom with awesome boys! And Marching Band Rocks!