Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fallen Fort Leonard Wood Heroes

I will admit that I feel guilty in the delay in writing this entry because our heroes deserve better. On September 28, our brigade lost three Soldiers. It has hit our community hard. 1LT Ivan Lechowich, SPC Steven Gutowski and PFC David Drake were killed by an IED in Afghanistan. While I didn't personally know these three men, my heart aches for their families and those who cared for them. They are a part of my extended Military Family and I wish things could be different.
When I heard we had suffered a loss in this particular battalion, immediately my heart went heavy and I prayed it was not a unit that I have friends in. Then I felt extremely guilty for thinking that way because regardless of whether I know them or not, someone was suffering a great loss. It's so sad because all three men had served less than three years in the Army. PFC Drake less than a year total. Oh how my heart aches. The young LT had just watched the birth of his first child via skype only four days earlier. Every death is so hard to internalize but when you hear of stories like that, well it makes my heart ache so deeply.

God Bless these men and their families. May they know they are not in this journey alone, that we are there in prayer and in honor as we strive to carry their legacies forward. We won't forget.

PFC David Drake
1LT Ivan Lechowich
SPC Steven Gutowski

During that week, I also got word from a friend that one of our Soldiers from our beloved 8-10 Cavalry Family had passed away earlier this week. SFC Doug Jones served as our Rear D 1SG during Kevin's 2005-2006 deployment. He worked closely with us and was just a great man serving everyone around him. He was known to help families in need in so many ways. Helping them collect items such as household goods, food and clothing. He retired in 2009 and passed away on September 12, 2011. God Bless You SFC Jones...

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USMCWIFE said...

Thank you Nadine for sharing their stories. We shall never forget.