Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Dragon Ball

One of the advantages to being stationed at FLW, is being able to to attend Chemical Regimental Week. They kicked it off this week with the Best CBRN Warrior Competition. Kevin didn't participate in that because as he puts it "I'm too old for that" but we did have a couple Soldiers from his unit who participated. They didn't place in the top ten but like I told one of them, I think it's awesome she did it at all. They announced the winners at the Green Dragon Ball last night and let me tell you, they went home with quite the loot. I might have to get the hubby back in shape just for the prizes (just kidding baby...maybe). No matter what you're my favorite Dragon Soldier forever and always!

Anyway, last night was the ball and it was a time for all Chemical Soldiers to get all gussied up and have a night of fun. Apparently Kevin and I are getting old because we were home by 9:30 p.m. That's how it has been the last few balls we've attended. I really tried to figure out why that is because we haven't always been that way and I think I finally figured out the reason. We aren't close to that many people here at Fort Leonard Wood. That is our doing, after leaving Fort Hood, I made the conscious effort not to get too close to people because the goodbyes when we left there were so hard. As a result of that, when we go to functions there aren't that many people we want to hang out with long enough to shut down the ball with. That doesn't mean there aren't awesome people out there, we just sadly haven't put forth the effort to get to get to know people like that. Don't get me wrong, we have friends here, we've just been selective.

That being said, we went, we talked to the people we do know, had a great dinner, enjoyed the form aspect, got our picture taken and came home to the boys. The table we were seated at was interesting. We were the only couple that was still active duty. The others were all retirees and worked for Homeland Security. They were LOUD, they talked through every speaker and made it hard to hear what was going on. They all knew each other so we were the odd ones out. They tried to include us and were friendly for the most part (when they weren't being obnoxiously loud during the speakers and awards).
We left shortly after the form portion of the ball was over. I don't feel bad. Sometimes there's a lot of politics involved in occasions such as this and I don't like it. I also don't like the drunkenness that is also a common thing at balls. That's why we choose to exit when we do.

I think one of the best parts of the night was when one of the other instructors from AFTB came and talked to me (she gave me a great compliment that is for me alone to ponder on) and asked me if I was thinking about the Customs & Courtesies class we both teach and thinking about all the things that were done wrong that evening. I had a good chuckle over that because that is EXACTLY what I was doing as we went through the events and I watched people come and go. It as all quite fun.
Overall it was a great night and Kevin and I had fun. I am very proud of him and his 22 years of service to the Chemical Corps. It was nice to hear about the history and be a part of the many traditions that go along with the evening. The country of Bulgaria was celebrating the birthday of their Chemical Corps and they had some Soldiers from their Corps there representing. I love all the international students that come through FLW. I especially loved the two men who were dancing to Thriller, I can't remember what country they were from but they were having a really good time.
I feel blessed to be able to attend such events with my husband. This upcoming week should be fun, it's all about me getting to brag about being married to a CBRN Soldier but really, I don't need a special week to do that, I am proud and brag every day.

Elementis regamus proelium

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USMCWIFE said...

I love our balls, I think it's because it is usually snuggled in with my birthday on the 8th and our anniversary on the 10th (Marine Birthday)..but we have went to everyone..only years we haven't went were when the hubs was deployed. This year he will be back right on will be fun, I think all of us wives are so focused on how awesome the ball will be this year. You and your hubs look so nice together, you fit like a glove..thanks for sharing your pics and your stories...