Friday, June 17, 2011

Fallen Hero: PFC Matthew England

The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Today I had the privilege to line up in the street to render honors to a Fallen Hero. Word went around yesterday that a Hero was going to be escorted through FLW and they were encouraging everybody who could to go out and line up along the route he would be traveling on. I knew instantly that I would be there. This morning the boys and I met up with others at the USO, gathered some flags and waited for the procession to start. Kevin was lined up somewhere else on post with the Soldiers in his unit.

Where we were along the route we had many companies of Soldiers who are currently in Basic Training and AIT. I was pretty emotional when they started lining up. Many of these Soldiers are only two years older than my oldest son. PFC Matthew England was only 22 years young.

Kevin & I are so proud of our boys who are always ready to do their part. Neil held the American Flag and even saluted with it when the hearse went by. Michael held the USO flag to show the support that our great FLW USO has for our Soldiers and their Families. Daniel held his little flag and stood so reverently. I get so choked up with emotion when I think about PFC England's mother, I cannot imagine the pain. I know how much I love my boys.

I feel truly humbled to have been able to stand in honor of PFC Matthew England. To stand among Soldiers, Veterans and other Military Family members. I am not ashamed of the tears that I shed today in honor of a hero.

I love our community and I love that so many came out to support PFC Matthew Joseph England. I hope his family felt the love through all of us who lined the streets.

I truly believe that we must honor our Fallen Heroes...we must say their names, read their stories and carry out their legacies. That is the LEAST we can do to honor their Sacrifice!
God Bless PFC Matthew England

Soldier from Ozark County dies in military service

Matthew England was scheduled to return home in August.

GAINESVILLE, Mo. -- Private First Class Matthew England, who graduated from Lutie High School in 2007, has died in an IED explosion in Iraq. England was the son of Pamela Hengen of the Gainesville area and Daniel England of Bartlett, Tennessee.

Joe and Pamela Hengen were looking forward to their son Matthew's return home this summer. The Hengens live between Gainesville and Theodosia. "He loved it out here in the woods. He was always out here. We had to go find him half the time," says Joe Hengen, Matthew's step-father.

But Matthew isn't coming home the way they had hoped. "Told her he was sending stuff home because his deployment's up in August," says Hengen.

They just learned Wednesday night that Matthew was killed in an IED explosion while on an escort mission in Iraq. "You never think it's going to happen to your kid," says Hengen.

Matthew was the kid that graduated from Lutie High School, was great with computers, and always wanted to fly. "Ever since I've known him, two years old, once he started talking, he wanted to be a pilot," Hengen says.


Amanda said...

May God Bless his family, Thank you for honoring him & passing it all along. RIP Matthew.

USMCWIFE said...

Someday I will not have anymore funeral to attend for fallen heros, at least that is my wish. This week we go for another one of our own, LCpl Hill. As the media reports the end of the war in Afghanistan, I go visit and attend funerals for our fallen and wounded. Are they nt seeing what we are? Thank you for continuing to honor the fallen.

bdlemm said...

I had the wonderful opportunity of knowing PFC Matthew J England. He was like a nephew to me. I watched him grow up from the age of 2 to 22. A beautiful soul! Our hearts are broken for the loss of Matthew. I am a strong believer in our dad was a Marine...Presidential guard for Kennedy in fact and so many of our family men were and are military. We pray everyday for those who are deployed to come home safe and for those that are not to not ever have to be deployed but we know when they are what risks they take. I pray for every military person we safe and know you are supported and loved and prayed for every single day.

Pam said...

Thank you for posting this for Matthew England. I am trying to figure out who bdlemm is (watched him grow up from the age of 2 to 22??)