Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chem Spouse Day: Red Phase

The last event I participated in as a Spouse for Chemical Regimental Week was the Chem Spouse Day. It was interesting to say the least.

The Chemical Brigade in charge planned a fun day for us. I have to admit nothing we really did was new to me after serving in the Army but it was fun to be around other Chem Spouses.

We rappelled down this animal. And shimmied across the various rope bridges to the left.
We got to watch these awesome Soldiers do awesome rappels. This one is called the Spider and it was neat to watch him start out one direction and turn himself around.
This Soldier did the Australian Rappel for the first time ever and a demonstration for us. It was awesome!

We went out in a HMMWV (Humvee). I will admit that was pretty boring for me after having driven them. I kept waiting for the exciting part, lol. Before that we went into a simulator that gave us scenarios of driving overseas. I think too many OPSEC/SAEDA briefings kept me from taking pictures while we were in there.
We had lunch at the DFAC, it was NOT spectacular, but it was food.

We had a Gold Star mother in our presence. She had come to the Sunrise Service to honor her son and was invited to come out with us. It was truly humbling. I cannot imagine how hard it was for her to walk through the journey her son had went on during his early years in the Army. She said it was hard for her to see what he had done and where he had been. God Bless SSG Stephen Sherman.

Overall it was a fun day and if nothing else I walked away from it with a promise that next year I'll be in much better shape and a lot lighter. I was proud of myself for doing the physical events, it's been 16 years since I went to Air Assault School and I was pretty proud of how much I remembered when it came to the swiss seat and the "L" position.

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