Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Freezer Meal Fun

Last week for our Military Spouse Appreciation Day we had various classes that we offered to our Spouses. I taught a class on Freezer Meals. We didn't really have a proper area to actually bring in food to demonstrate so my friend and I put together a video. On the actual day, we had technical difficulty and couldn't show the video so I just had a discussion and it went pretty well. I was really pleased with the turn out and the class itself. I promised the women in my class that I would upload the clips and I thought I'd share them here on my blog as well. We really had a lot of fun making the video. Our Commanding General's wife was kind enough to let us use her kitchen since my kitchen would have been super awkward. Overall I just had fun!

Here is my you will obviously see I am not a professional, I tend to roll my eyes a lot and I was not working with any script. Now that being said...I am still happy with the final product.

You can watch the intro video on here then click on the video and go to the page where the other clips are. I figured it would be easier to watch clips instead of a full 30 minute video!

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