Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Joy of Friendship

One of the blessings of living the Military lifestyle is the opportunity to meet people whom you may never have crossed paths with otherwise. Last weekend we had the pleasure of having friends come and visit us that we had been stationed with at Fort Hood.
Occasionally we all need to be recharged and I certainly felt recharged after this visit. How we certainly would have enjoyed having the entire Millhouse Family, only 4 of the 6 were able to journey to Missouri. Jason is currently serving in Afghanistan (and is always in our prayers) and Miss Emma was busy being a star in a showing of Alice and Wonderland (can I have your autograph?). We had fun, relaxed and just enjoyed one another's company. Her sweet boys who are 2 and 7 just had so much fun with our "big" boys. I was so overwhelmed with joy in my heart with the interaction of all the boys. Neil really enjoyed hanging out with sweet Spencer. Can I just mention here how surprised I was at how big that sweet boy has gotten! I had the blessing of being at his birth and now he is half grown, why must time go so darn fast!
Kevin enjoyed spending time with darling Josie and I might admit to being slightly jealous that she liked him more than me. Overall we just had a great time and I feel so blessed to have friends who are willing to travel to spend time with us. Thanks again for the great visit Millhouse Family! Although we may be miles apart in distance, we are always close in heart! We love you!

Me & Dorshan

Kevin and darling Josie...her facial expressions always had us cracking up!

Spencer was FASCINATED with the dog kennel. If we couldn't find him, it was likely he was hiding in there. Silly boy!
Dorshan and her sweet baby girl!
Spencer made fast friends with Neil!
Spencer certainly kept the boys entertained, that child is high energy!
Handsome Trent who also couldn't get enough of the "big" boys!

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Celeste said...

Awww, looks like you guys had a great visit! :)