Saturday, April 23, 2011

FLW USO Easter Egg Hunt

Today was such a fun day! We spent most of the day hanging out at our USO here helping with an Easter Egg Hunt for the Soldiers. We got there early enough to hide over 1000 eggs. We had eggs EVERYWHERE! We had about 70 prizes, all designed to be items they could either eat/enjoy on site or that they would be able to take back to the barracks with them. Most of the patrons of the USO here are still in the training environment so we didn't want to give them anything they would get in trouble for.

We had a great time and I think the Soldiers did too. We had our special friend Moo Cow with us. Moo Cow is quite popular around FLW. It's kind of funny because we borrowed this cow suit from a friend to promote a book event we did earlier this month. Since then we have just had Moo Cow make appearances around post. Last week we attended the post Easter Egg hunt and Moo Cow stole the show from the Easter Bunny (oops)!
Here I am with Moo Cow last week at the post Easter Egg Hunt...after passing around candy, he needed some sugar of his own!

This week we brought Moo Cow back to help entertain the Soldiers during the Easter Egg Hunt, he was a big hit! (You can check out the FLW USO Facebook page to see more pics from the event)

Some of our awesome volunteers!

We really had a great time! Can't wait to do it again next year!

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iRgruntwife said...

aww! that is so cute & awesome! happy easter. =]