Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a Great Weekend for Us!

The Albrecht Squad had a busy Saturday!

Michael finished his Eagle Scout project! Woohoo! It has been a work in progress for MONTHS. I swear I thought it would never get done. Scheduling has been rough between debate for Michael, wrestling for the two younger boys, TDY for Kevin, me being out of town. A couple weeks ago a Soldier walked into the USO and asked if there was anything that him and his classmates could do as a community service project. He is attending the Advanced Leader Course for one of the Engineer classes (sorry, not going to break that down at the moment, if you want to know more, leave a message). The facility manager told him about Michael's project and the guy wanted to help. Yesterday Michael and I met with him and 10 other Soldiers (plus a friend of ours) and got the entire project done! The USO had this crazy storage closet that used to be a big walk in freezer/fridge. It had a few shelves that were thrown in there but most of the stuff was just piled on top of each other. Now that closet has shelves and is so organized. I am trying to find my before picture we took months ago. Now he just has to finish a couple merit badges, going through his board of review and then we 'll get to plan his Eagle Court of Honor!

And a walk through of the storage closet after.

Kevin and the two younger boys got up early and headed to their wrestling tournament. Neil placed 2nd in his weight class and Daniel placed 3rd in his. Both boys did well and we are so proud of them!

Here are a few videos of their matches. (I know you love the videos...just admit it...please note the volume control on the hubby!!!)

I let Neil choose which of his matches was his favorite and he chose this one.

Daniel had to wrestle a girl during this tournament. She certainly held her own. A week or two ago, there was an article about a girl who won a state wrestling match by default because her opponent wouldn't wrestle her. I've been asked about this since Neil has had to wrestle girls and now so has Daniel. My thoughts are quite simple. If a girl chooses to wrestle they know it's a sport. My boys go to practice 3-4 times a week to learn how to wrestle safely and clean. My boys respect girls on the mat and off.

This was a good match for Daniel, I will title it.."The Comeback Kid" since he was down by a large number of points and won it at the very end...literally seconds, lol.

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