Monday, February 21, 2011

I Can't Make This Stuff Up

Living on a training post definitely has some interesting moments. I am going to share two moments...I swear I can't make this stuff up...

Moment 1:
Today I went to the PX (think department store for the Army). I knew better than going on a holiday when some of the trainees would be off. You live here for a while and you figure out the best times to go out and avoid all the trainee craziness. Normally it doesn't bother me too much and it didn't bother me today until..."the moment".

I'm walking around and I go down the aisle with razors and shaving cream. A group of trainees are messing around, shoving and being kids. Whatever, no big deal, I had just come from the USO so it's not unusual to see. So I say "excuse me". No attitude, no mean tone, just a regular "excuse me" so I could get by. They move and as I'm walking through, one guy mumbles, "don't these civilians know that it's Soldiers like us who give them the right to be out shopping!" I swear it was like I ran into a brick wall, I was in disbelief. I turn around and I say "EXCUSE ME" and this time I did say it with attitude. I went off on a little tangent about why the PX is there and who can shop there. I also explained, never raising my voice that they might want to graduate from all their training before walking around this with crazy sense of entitlement. By the time I was done I am sure he felt like the biggest idiot ever. I am fully aware of the sacrifices those who wear the uniform make. I almost felt bad for the kid when I was done...almost.

Moment 2:
This actually happened sometime last year. Again, I was at the PX (maybe I should avoid that place altogether!). I'm walking through the parking lot, headed into the PX on a family day (day before Basic Training graduation when Soldiers families can visit them and spend time with them...most are only issued an on-post pass meaning they have few places to hang out...they all head to the PX). So I'm walking and there is a couple walking in front of me. I'm trying to walk around them when the girl starts acting kind of stupid, zig zagging and who knows what else. I sidestep her and say excuse me and try to walk around her. She suddenly says to me..."watch it, I'm an Army wife!". Uhm...okay...AND?!?! I stood there and looked at her and thought...seriously? So I tell her, you do know you are on an Army post, right? What are the chances that you might actually be the "ONLY" Army wife around? I told her I understood her excitement and all of that and I congratulated her husband on being willing to serve his country. She goes on to say to me..again.."well I'm an Army wife and my husband is a Soldier! " She then says, "what does YOUR husband do". Oh geez, why does she go there? So I simply reply by asking her how old her and husband are...she replies they are 18. I tell her with a sweet smile..."my husband has been in the Army longer than either of you have been alive." As I'm walking away, I hear her husband say to her..."why do you have to embarrass me!"

I swear I can't make this stuff up!


Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to start using "I'm an Army wife!" as my response to everything from now on. I can't go wrong.

silver star said...

Why do I get the feeling you were talking to truck drivers? lol