Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Mat Time!

There is only a few more weeks of wrestling and it's becoming more intense. I seriously think I'll need anxiety meds before the season is over. I can hardly stand the stress! We are so proud of how well the boys are doing. They don't win every match but they handle themselves with dignity and respect after each match. I truly believe that their years of playing chess has helped them be good sportsman.

Daniel didn't place at this tournament but he did win one match by pinning his opponent. We watched the video when he got home and he made me laugh when he told me "I kept kneeing the kid in the head accidentally because his head was in the way."

I especially love his face at the end of the video when he was pinning the kid. Oh how I love my boy!

Neil did well too, he finished 1st in his bracket. He has had a really good season. I am amazed at his level of commitment to the sport, he certainly goes all the way. This was a good always you can hear Dad in the background! Neil told me when he got home "I wish I could have wrestled another match." I asked him why and he replied "I wasn't really tired after the matches I had." I love how my boys make me smile!

Michael was at a debate tournament this weekend, still waiting for him to get home to do see how he did! We are proud of him too for his dedication to research and work he has put into his debate class!

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