Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I love peeps! It's my favorite thing in the store aisles during Easter. The fact that I love these drives my husband crazy. The concept of sugar covered marshmallows make him cringe. But the crazy thing about Peeps is that I only love the ones that come out during Easter and I prefer the yellow ones over all the other colors. I do not eat them during any of the other holidays. In fact I'm borderline offended that they now turn my favorite candy into random holiday shapes throughout the year. Are you laughing at me? It's okay, I know it's totally silly and irrational but it's just the way my crazy brain works.

POST EDIT: I meant to post this and was reminded by a comment...I enjoy opening the package and letting them get stale. I will eat them soft but I prefer them stale. Yes, I'm weird...I own it, lol.


kmcaffee said...

I am exactly the same way!! Gotta have the yellow chicks - nothing else! So funny! The questions now is do you like them fresh and soft or stale and hard???? :)

Leslie said...

I could have written this myself. I only eat yellow chicks. They can be soft but I prefer them stale. And why they heck they make them now for every holiday just makes me nuts. And my husband hates them and doesn't understand why I love them either.

kmcaffee said...

Yay! Stale is the perfect way to eat 'em!!! Lol!! :)