Sunday, January 23, 2011

Humble Service

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be around great people who serve this great nation. What I am most impressed with time and time again is the humility in which they serve. Recently a young man asked some Veterans how they felt when civilians acknowledged their service and whether it motivated them. All the Veterans responded by saying they didn't serve for recognition and then when they were thanked publicly it was almost overwhelming for them. I am awe of the humility displayed by most of our Troops. The young man who has never served but hopes to one day could not understand, he still wanted a real answer. But I think they did answer, it just wasn't one he understood yet. It reminded me of this interview with our latest Medal of Honor Recipient, SSG Giunta. Watching this clip still chokes me up because he truly speaks for many who wear the uniform. I just felt it deserved to be seen again.

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Salvatore Giunta
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