Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/2010 - I Remember

I get frustrated when right before September 11th of every year, people start with the "Where were you?" and "Have you forgotten?" questions. We all deal with the aftermath of that day in our own ways. I remember...every day. 9/11 is not a once a year event for me. I remember.

I look at my youngest son and feel for him since he doesn't know a life without war in it. He was but a few weeks old when those planes hit. While he wasn't in the towers or on a plane, his life was greatly affected that day. At 9 years old, he has only had his daddy home for two birthdays. His dad is a Soldier and he has spent much of the past 9 years doing what thousands of others who wear a Military uniform have done...served, fought and protected so that another 9/11 doesn't happen. I remember.

Almost daily I am reminded of this day 9 years ago. My friends, my community are on a constant cycle of protecting freedom. Just this week the unit my husband deployed with last time filed onto planes to head back overseas, and the unit he deployed with before that left a couple weeks ago...for some of them this will be their 4th deployment. I remember.

Kevin and I wear a bracelet every day to honor just two of the Fallen that we knew personally. Two of thousands who gave their life to protect our land. Thousands of innocent people died on planes or in towers that day, thousands have died since then protecting this nation. I remember.

I remember right after 9/11/01 all the flags flying all over America. I also remember when they started to disappear. Our flag waves outside our home as I type this...I close my eyes and I think of the symbolism of the red stripes and I think of the blood shed, both of our founding fathers and those who fought and died to protect their vision and their sacrifice. I remember.

"Have you forgotten?" I wonder what life would be like if for a moment in time if I could forget, but the reality is...I remember.

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