Sunday, September 12, 2010

Proud Parent Moments

This past week has been a week of pride for us as parents. Our boys all did so well this week. Michael wore his JROTC uniform for the first time this week, I used that pic as my Wordless Wednesday post. Friday he played with the Marching Band during the Military Appreciation Night at the high school football game. We are so proud of Michael because he is typically a bassoon player and he is in the "PIT" with the percussion team playing various instruments. It's not always the most glamorous of tasks but he does it anyway. He's such a great team player. I love that we can hear his instruments even among all the other instruments and I admire how focused he is during the entire song, even when he is going from one instrument to the other. He goes out to band practice and works just as hard as everyone else without complaint.
Neil had his first football game of the season and oh my goodness what a way to start! It rained the entire 3 1/2 hours we were there. He stood in the rain the entire time. He's a lineman for the kicking, receiving, returning team so he only went out on the field during those plays but what I really enjoyed was watching him walk up and down the line trying to motivate his teammates. This is HUGE for Neil who tends to keep to himself and not really socialize. We loved watching him go by and grab other players by the shoulders and have them smile back at him and tap his shoulders back. Their team won and his sense of accomplishment was written all over his face! It was worth every rain drop that fell on us to watch such a display of self-accomplishment!
And our sweet Daniel! What a trooper he is being lugged around to support his older brothers in their endeavors. But we are so proud of Daniel too. This week they had a food drive at his school. He wanted to make sure he took food in. What made us so proud was that when we asked him why he wanted to take food in, he said it was because other kids didn't have any nice snacks and food like he did and he wanted to share. What a great example he is to us. He went into the kitchen and packed a bag as full as he could to take in.
Our boys are such examples to us, they try hard at everything they do. How we got so lucky we'll never know but we are grateful indeed!

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Jenny said...

It's not luck my dear, you are raising them properly and leading by example. ;)

Congrats to the Albrecht boys!!!