Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why Must They Grow?

My boys are growing right before my eyes...ugh.

I want them to stay small...I want them to still be my little boys who slept with their little bums sticking up in the air in the cribs. I want them to have the chubby cheeks that would be nice and warm after a late afternoon nap.

I find myself looking at them and wanting to cry. But they are such good boys.

Yesterday I was watching Michael as he was about to head out the door for school and I was taken aback by how grown he looked...oh my...I'm not sure I'm ready for it.
Daniel has been wanting to ride his bike to school since last year. I just wasn't brave enough to let him do it (I still don't even let him walk to or from school alone!) Today he rode his bike to school...with me following...hey it's a compromise!!!Obviously, I do not have a picture of Neil...that would be because he has decided he hates to have his picture taken! But don't worry, once he starts practicing football in full uniform..mama will be snapping away!